For Business

So at Shift Online...

For bussiness are great. I really mean it. Like our drivers are just incredible. Every day too doing diffrent jobs in diffrent places, while providing great customer service. At shift we only have drivers that consistaly provide great customer service and get fantastic feedback.


Think you have what it takes?

Proffessional experance isn't nessary (but is certainly a bonus) . Afterall that can be learn't. What can't be learn't are great personalities.

Being a shift driver, you are in front of customers every day, so we look for people people. We enjoy meeting new people every day and look for driver who feel the same.

Driver's at shift come from a whole varity of backgrounds. We've had people from a whole varity of backgrounds from management to marketing, deside that shift is the way for them. Great Earning oppertinties and every day is different.